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Vacuum Systems

Are you tired of carrying your vacuum cleaner from room to room, or pulling a hose throughout your house, Hide-A-Hose is the answer.  The canister is placed in an out of the way area, and a system of hose outlets are placed in different areas of your home.  When it is time to vacuum, just open the vacuum cover and pull out the hose; Wow, what a difference! No more back breaking labor, trying to get all that hose or a vacuum cleaner from area to area.

Greener, Healthier Homes

Hide-A-Hose central vacuum system Green Air for cleaner, healthier homesA valuable addition to a healthier home is a built-in central vacuum system. The power unit is up to five times more powerful than a conventional vacuum. So it captures more dust, dirt and allergens and completely removes them from the living area. Traditional vacuums can spread particles and allergens around your home and recirculate them into the air you breathe. A recent clinical study found that using a central vacuum can improve allergy symptoms 40 to 60 percent. Many green building programs recommend or even require central vacuums.

green vacuum system canister

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